A taste of San Francisco’s fashion scene at Fashion on The Square!

Last Sunday, I was invited to attend the 9th Annual Fashion on The Square (FOTS) by the talented Ms. Y’Anad Burrell!  It was undoubtedly a memorable experience and I had a great night.

This event was located at the luxe InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco. While I was waiting for the show to begin it was exciting to be surrounded by so many people who were passionate about fashion and even more, the cause this show supported. FOTS was founded by the lovely Y’Anad Burrell, who was also the host of the show. She wanted to challenge herself by producing a upscale show that also benefited a number of local non-profit organizations.

As the night progressed, the organizers were finally ready to let us in. Despite holding VIP and Press passes, there were constant holdups and just entering the ballroom turned into a chaotic experience. I was also disappointed to learn that the press conference had been cancelled. But after a long wait (painfully in my new stilletos, it was finally time for the show to begin!

Me with one of My Runway's Fashion Ambassador's, Leona right before the show!

Me with one of My Runway’s Fashion Ambassador’s, Leona right before the show!

Here are some highlights from the show:

The show started off with my favorite designer of the night, B Michael. What I loved about his designs was that they were looks I could envision myself in, even though it was still a high fashion line. His balance between high fashion and everyday fashion quickly won me over!

My favorite B Michael design.

My favorite B Michael design. The color was breathtaking!

Next up, was Roc Rio, a menswear line founded by famous rapper Sean P. Diddy  Combs. It proved to be one of the more bizarre segments of the fashion shows. It quickly went from flashy to little clothing at all. Its extremities made this segment my least favorite.

Sean John models lined up for their finale.

Sean John models lined up for their finale.

Afterwards came the student designer segment. I was enthralled by the whimsical and creative designs that the students produced.  I was also impressed with sophistication of some of these styles.

An imaginative design by one of the students.

An imaginative design by one of the students.

One of the most popular segments was undoubtedly the kids fashion sponsored by JC Penny’s. Though the fashion fell flat, the kids were incredibly amusing and cute!

These models flashed an adorable pose!

These models flashed an adorable pose!

The show ended with one of San Francisco’s most celebrated designers, Colleen Quen, who had just reemerged into the fashion world after a bout with breast cancer. Though it was obvious some of her designs were dated, she presented some of the most high fashion and elegant designs of the night and I loved how she incorporated nature’s motifs into her looks.

A great shot of one of Colleen's most delicate pieces!

A great shot of one of Colleen’s most delicate pieces!

Though its been dubbed the “Largest West Coast Outdoor Fashion Show,” FOTS was neither outdoor or “the largest” but nevertheless it was a lavish affair and a definitive part of San Francisco’s high fashion scene. Something that I was incredibly happy to have been a part of!