FSHN Holiday Issue 2013: Geek Chic Column

I am excited to announce my second edition of the ‘Geek Chic’ column, published in the 2013 Holiday edition of FSHN.  Never thought I would see myself in the same printed magazine as Paris Hilton!! The magazine is truly a piece of art and I am simply thrilled to be a part of it.  The next edition will cover fashion-tech ideas related to Valentine’s Day, Love and Weddings, so if you have any ideas on what I should cover, drop me a line.

Geek Chic Column:

It’s happened to all of us—that awkward family moment where some clueless relative gives you the most horrifying accessory you’ve ever laid eyes on.  It’s Christmas Eve, so you force all of your internal energy into a kind smile, reminding yourself, “It’s the thought that counts.” You hear yourself utter the words, “Oh thank you, darling. You shouldn’t have…” But really, what you’re thinking is, “Why couldn’t Aunt Sally just give me a gift card?”

Shaul Weisband (New York based CMO of Jifiti) has a solution to this precise problem, in the form of an app. His research showed that over 86% of gift-givers prefer to send a real and thoughtful gift, while 78% of the recipients prefer to receive a gift card. Why not create an app that helps both parties? This holiday season, geek chic technologies like Jifiti are leaving no excuses for even the most clueless gift-givers. So be kind and considerate, buy a copy of FSHN, bookmark this page, and make sure everyone you know takes note of the following applications:


jiffitiIs it really true? A gifting application that allows you to send a fashionable gift from leading retailers directly to your friend’s email or cell phone? Yes. Jifiti turns a fashion item into a digital gift card for the recipient to use in a store near them or online. You don’t have to worry about shipping, as the recipient deals with that on their own. What I loved about Jifiti (other than the fact that they include products from Banana Republic and the Limited) is that your non tech-savvy friends don’t even need to have the app installed to receive their gift.  It took me only a few minutes to browse through recommendations (most of them good ones) and find the perfect gift for my husband. My one criticism is the redemption process, which leaves room for improvement. Even though my husband received a notification on his Facebook wall immediately, he has not yet been able to redeem his gift. He received the perplexing error message “Insert Jifiti Screen shot,” and we still need to troubleshoot that. It’s a bummer to run into that kind of problem when you’re just trying to get your present.

My Runway

My Runway - Screenshot 07Created by SAP, the My Runway app allows you to follow the brands you love and gives personalized updates on what’s new, what’s trending, and what’s on sale. You can also collect fashion items in your wish list. With My Runway you can express your unique style, and inspire your friends to buy you exactly what you want. So keep tab on your friends’ wish list items this holiday season or check out what trendy items I am wishing for by following me on the app under the username Layla.


screen568x568Holidays are a time of celebration so let’s make a toast to the Berlin-based mobile app developer as it turns one year old this fall. Since they pushed their social wish list application for iOS onto iTunes, Toast has remained relatively quiet, so we figured we’d give them a little bit of the spotlight they deserve. Toast enables you to create a universal wish list from items you spot online, in physical stores or even intangible services like a night out with friends. Like My Runway, you can also view your friends’ wishes and add items from them to your own lists.  I loved that there is actually a category titled “Geek” where I discovered quite a few items I had not yet seen, and cannot wait until Toast improves and actually lets me buy each piece I want (currently I often get error messages saying items are not available for sale).

Still wondering what to give this holiday season? Check out some of my geeky discoveries on Toast. I am sure you will have lots of fun browsing through Toast Geek category.

Samsung Smartwatch

Samsung-Galaxy-Gear-Smartwatch-This would not be called the Geek Chick column if we didn’t share our opinion on the T Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch.  We know the critics have been harsh, but after one of my friends showcased his silver one with the orange band, I have to admit it was not as bulky as all of the complaints suggested. I can’t comment on the features because yes indeed you have to integrate with the Galaxy note 3 tablets if you really want the full experience, but the design iconography is simple and elegant.  It is also great to have a watch that takes pictures when biking or exercising, but of course the quality of the images are not nearly as good as what your smartphone offers.  Rumor has it that there will soon be a white-gold version out, but I’m hoping they address some of the critical suggestions for improvement before investing in the gold version!

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Happy Holidays and feel free to drop me a line on my blog (www.laylasabourian.com), or a quick hello on twitter: @laylasabourian


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