How often do you get to WASTE YOUR creativity?

No matter what our gender, race, or age, we all have one thing in common:  we want to be happy. And it is scientifically proven that laughing is one way of becoming happy. The past few months have not exactly been ideal for me and after losing my grandmother, the much desired twins, and a few unexpected changes at work, a friend launched Captionit, which brought a SMILE back to my face, and reminded me not to take life so seriously.

Captionit. claims to be the “Funniest App of 2014″, and  who doesn’t need a bit of humor in their life? An iPhone app that allows you to play caption contests, users provide their best caption for an image posted in the app. Other users can vote and comment on captions, with the most popular caption appearing first.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 12.52.07 AM

Years ago we launched this concept for Yahoo! Answers’s Facebook Page, we called it Caption Tuesdays, and it was by far the most popular Facebook day for our users, so I can only imagine the success Captionit has in store.

I’ve been using the app now for 2 weeks and although I find many, shall we call it, distasteful photos, here is what I do love about it:

It allows me to discover funny pictures and captions –


It allows me to be creative: I can add my own captions, can share my captioned picture on facebook, and can win carrots and crowns:

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 12.56.55 AM


  1. I can upvote the captions that I like most – (Delarai really enjoyed this one)


One of the things I like most is that I can create Polaroid-like picture frames and save my favorite images to my photo gallery to enjoy wherever, whenever I like. The polaroid style picture looks like this:

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 1.00.21 AM

Conveniently,  I can share the picture via Email, SMS, Facebook & Twitter.

I enjoy using the app a lot, but hope to see more users who have a more PG13 sense of humor versus the rated R :) So far, the app is the funniest I have ever downloaded. Considering that Caption Contests are gaining more and more popularity and Captionit is the first iPhone app that allows you to play and create caption contests on your iPhone, I believe it has a good chance to become a mainstream app that many enjoy.  Plus, the founder and CEO is one of the nicest entrepreneurs I have met, with no chips on his shoulders (although I hear he knows how to bake the best chips you ever tasted).

You can download Captionit for FREE for a limited time.  Check it out, and leave your impressions below in  the comments, I am officially the first blogger to cover Captionit, so you can bet your feedback will be treated with the outmost attention.