One more way to provide safety for your little bundles of joy!

Life plays funny tricks with you.  This year, I lost twins through an ectopic pregnancy for the second time around. Having experienced loss so many times in my life, I did not expect to be this paralyzed by the pain.  During the past five months, I … [Continue reading]

Stuffed Tomatoes and Peppers from Greece

We embarked on our culinary trip to Greece with the help of our Little Chefs from the Montessori School of Los Altos at Greanmeadow. Our thanks go to the School, their amazing teachers, the Little Chefs and their parents for their participation and … [Continue reading]

French Saffron Toast with Salmon Roe

Country we are exploring: France             Continent: Europe National Language: French Fun Kid relevant Fact about France: The French eat snails, frog’s legs and horsemeat!  Did you know?  France is the country that hosts the highest … [Continue reading]

Leek Tart from Belgium

Today, July 21, is the National Day of Belgium. On July 21, 1831, Leopold I was declared the first king of the Belgians. This anniversary is celebrated throughout the country with parades and concerts. Since my husband is from Belgium I wanted to … [Continue reading]

Dresses and Charity

Sometimes. Well, maybe its more like occasionally. Ok, ok it seems like hardly ever that us busy moms get a chance to put the kids down early and get the sitter to stay late so we can dress up, go out, and be the us we used to know. You remember her … [Continue reading]

Persian Cutlets

Today my little Chef Koochooloo and I were thinking of Madar, my grandmother who used to make the most delicious Cutlets I ever tasted. The only other person I knew whose Cutlets were as mouth watering was my aunt Azadeh, who has also passed away. … [Continue reading]

German parsley potato salad

Country we are exploring:  Germany Continent :Europe Language spoken: German English Recipe Name: German parsley potato salad German Name:   German Petersilienkartoffeln   Did you know? Like many European countries, Germany is … [Continue reading]

Brazilian Potato Salad

Continent: South America Language spoken: Portuguese English Recipe Name: Potato Salad Recipe Name in National Language: Salada de Batatas Did you know? Brazil has a total of 274 threatened wildlife species. There are 80 threatened … [Continue reading]

Pizza Garden

Does your family love pizza? Why not grow your own pizza garden? Your kids love pizza. Dinnertime comes and the pressure mounts: they want pizza for dinner. You, on the other hand want to give them a healthy meal that also makes them happy. What do … [Continue reading]

All Natural Strawberry Lemonade

Country we are exploring: United States   Continent: North America National Language: English English Recipe Name: All Natural Strawberry Lemonade Fun Fact about the country: America uses a lot of food-related phrases when describing … [Continue reading]