Pizza Garden

Does your family love pizza? Why not grow your own pizza garden?

Your kids love pizza. Dinnertime comes and the pressure mounts: they want pizza for dinner. You, on the other hand want to give them a healthy meal that also makes them happy. What do you do?

pizzaHere is our suggestion: make your own pizza with homegrown, organic, fresh ingredients! Have some space in the back yard? Great! You don’t? No worries, this home garden can happily grow in containers, too. Early July is actually a very good time in the year for you to plant your own pizza garden. You only need to carefully choose the plant varieties and the location of the garden. The most important thing is that you place it in a sunny, warm location, either on your porch, patio or back yard. If you are reading and thinking that you have no particular gardening experience, do not worry. I am no experienced gardener myself, but that is the beauty of this garden: it is great for beginners!

Planting the Tomatoes

To make a delicious pizza, one needs to start with fresh, ripe tomatoes. The sauce is what gives the whole dish its unifying flavor. It ties everything together, so to speak. The best pizza sauce is simply a sauce that combines your pizza toppings and your pizza crust to create a delicious, unifying taste. There are plenty of tomato varieties with different characteristics. The one that makes the most tasty pizza sauce is the Roma tomato.

You can buy the Roma tomato plants at a gardening supplies store, such as Home Depot. Plant the Roma tomatoes in a spot that receives 8 hours of sun per day. You will need to stake, trellis or cage the sprawling plants to keep them off the ground. Make sure to leave at least 18” apart depending on how much space you have. When your tomatoes turn from a vibrant medium green to a light shade and then to red they are ready to be harvested. Pick the tomatoes and never refrigerate them, just store them indoors


Planting the Oregano

What gives pizza the special sink of flavor is of course oregano, either Greek or Italian. Oregano, too, prefers a sunny spot. The plant grows into a small bush; so do not be afraid to harvest it often for continued new growth. Here is the Bonnie plant that will give a subtle, but flavorful taste to your pizza.

Peppers for all tastes

An all time favorite ingredient of Italian pizza is peppers. From sweet and mellow to fiery hot, pepper varieties cover a wide range of preferences. Peppers need a sunny, well-drained spot, too. Planted either in a garden or in a container, peppers benefit from staking. Two of the most popular pizza varieties are the Banana peppers, which are hot and sweet, and the green bell peppers.

Now that you have proudly produced your own organic and fresh pizza toppings, all you need is a great pizza recipe! Stay tuned, it’s coming in the next post!

Banana Peppers

Green Bell Peppers


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