Attire for little chefs

Arguably, one of the most important ingredients for any serious chef is their attire. For little chefs, like our Chef Koochooloo, that includes aprons, oven mitts, and a chef hat to top off the look.

Though, the options are endless for big chefs, little chefs have a harder time finding attire that is suited for them.  We were able to identify some of the best apparel out there for any budding chef!

  1. Happy Chef Kids CookCool

Happy Chef has a wide array of standard chef apparel suitable for young chefs. Their selection is high quality and resembles what you might see a professional chef wear. Another great thing about their lineup is that it is customizable. However, even though the styles are customizable their sizing options are limited.


  1. Chef Works Junior Chef Collection

Like Happy Chef, Chef Works has a great starter line for someone looking for traditional and premium culinary attire. Though their styles are not customizable, they have more color and design options. They also gear their clothing for children of all ages.


  1. Chef Wear – Pint Size

Chef Wear is a relatively well-known apparel supplier but disappointingly their “Pint Size” line only featured one apron. Despite this lack of availability, the apron came in multiple fun colors and patterns. These fashionable patterns really made them stand out and on top of that, custom embroidery was an option as well.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 2.23.21 PM


  1. Growing Cooks

Conversely, Growing Cooks was the supplier that had the greatest availability for young chefs. Not only did they have clothing, their store included kid-sized cooking tools and fun sets. Because of their variety, they had something in store for everyone, from disposable aprons, to cute customizable ones. Their sets also seemed like a great option for little chefs!

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 2.23.51 PM


After searching for the right product, and not being quite happy with the selections we saw, we decided to create our own  line for Chef Koochoolool! What do you think? How much would you pay for this locally hand made apron? If we receive positive feedback from you, we will hire our first official employee and have her focus on making more of these adorable options!


Dresses and Charity

Sometimes. Well, maybe its more like occasionally. Ok, ok it seems like hardly ever that us busy moms get a chance to put the kids down early and get the sitter to stay late so we can dress up, go out, and be the us we used to know. You remember her right? The version of you that knew the trendy restaurants, the coolest bars, and all the corners dark enough to hide the best sort of trouble?

02know that for a lot of us, when it is time to go out, our biggest trouble these days is finding something to wear. Since I launched Chef Koochooloo, my own start-up, it seems that I can hardly find the time for me. This is true for most of us, working moms, who have to balance career, motherhood. Well, thanks to a chance meeting at an event for My Runway, I met and have gotten to know Jia Wertz, the founder and creative director of Studio 15. As a fellow woman entrepreneur, I was interested in Jia’s story and can’t wait to share it with you! Jia launched a women’s dress boutique featuring pieces designed to get you into or out of whatever the night brings you.

The dresses at Studio 15 ( reflect the choices of someone who still has a crush on clothes and fashion and feeling like you’re on a date or a girl’s night out. Jia has curated the dresses collection to carry high quality dresses at a price that won’t make you feel guilty.



Best of all is that Jia has created a partnership with Kleos Microfinance Group, a nonprofit that works to support women entrepreneurs in Uganda start their own businesses. A portion of the proceeds of every dress sold is donated to Kleos. There, is that enough to make you not feel guilty and maybe, just maybe feel a little bit good about treating yourself?

You can check out Jia’s blog at where she is currently GIVING AWAY a Rebecca Minkoff bag (you can enter to win here) or visit to get more ideas about style and current trends.


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An exclusive evening with San Francisco’s Fashion Bloggers!

On August 10th, my good friends Jia Wertz and Hadi Labarang invited me to an exclusive meetup sponsored by JustFab.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 7.19.57 PMMe, Hadi, and Jia

In case you didn’t already know, Just Fab is a monthly VIP membership program which gives fashionistas access to the hottest shoes and handbags. As a JustFab member, celebrity stylists review each individual’s style before searching through hundreds of styles recommendations based on personal style and fashion preferences. Living in Bay area you don’t get much of a chance to dress fancy so the meetup was a treat. At the meetup where we each received a really nice gift bag and had the opportunity to meet and interact with other fashion bloggers.

Here are some of the things I liked about JustFab when I checked them out:
– The selection:
JustFab has an incredible lineup of shoes for any occasion. When you first open the website you feel like a kid in a candy store!

– The style recommendations:
Picking shoes can be kind of a struggle but with JustFab you not only get someone else to help you out with the decision making process, you get a personalized selection of shoes depending on the survey you take.

– The price:
These shoes are a steal! At only $39.95 you get high-fashion shoes at an affordable price. At best of all shipping is free :)

-The Marketing genius, what a great way to engage with local bloggers in each town and offer the gift bags and a gift certificate!


Showing off our shoes :)

Showing off our shoes :)

HANA on the Runway?

HANA on the Runway? Hard to believe, but SAP recently hosted a panel discussion on the topic, “How does Fashion and Design matter for company, product, career & your personal brand?” at our SAP Labs site in Palo Alto. Leveraging the most fashionable app on HANA, My Runway, the event also included SAP’s very first lifestyle and interactive fashion show (What a way to shake up the Labs)!

My Runway Fashion Show

Welcome and introductions

My Runway Fashion Show

Our interactive Fashion Show starring My Runway Fashion Ambassadors


My Runway Fashion show

Backstage sneak peek with our Fashion Show Coordinator, Yolanda Wright


As each model showcased the beautiful collections by our Fashion Ambassadors,, the audience participated in real-time by commenting on the collection, sharing their favorite pieces with their social circles, or simply adding items to their Wish List. As the My Runway Fashion Ambassadors went around the room encouraging all attendees to download the app, you could not help but notice the power of HANA in an entirely brand new “fashion.”

My Runway Fashion Show

Fashionable ladies at SAP

My Runway Fashion Show

Here with Marcelle Parrish, Head of Business & Strategy at eBay Fashion and Beatrice Pang, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at ModeWalk


Since its launch in the U.S. in early May, My Runway has ignited interest amongst the “technology enthusiasts” for its use of HANA’s Analytics and Calculation Views to support real-time consumer insights – processing huge volumes of consumer data about products fashion enthusiasts “Like,” share, and discuss.

But, My Runway is also attracting a different audience for SAP – consumers and fashion enthusiasts. Fashion brands are beginning to take notice of how the platform provides fast data indexing and search capabilities that can create valuable insights. Fashion trendsetter Tory Burch has beeb in dialogue with SAP evaluating various solutions, and Mike Giresi, the Chief Information Officer, was one of the most popular panelists on the discussion.

My Runway Fashion Show

Barbara Holzapfel, Senior Vice President at SAP, was the panel moderator.

My Runway Panel Discussion

From left to the right: Mike Giresi, Chief Information Officer Tory Burch – Nola Weinstein, Executive Editorial Director Glam Media, Inc. – Beatrice Pang, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer ModeWalk – Barbara Holzapfel, SVP SAP – Marcelle Parrish, Head of Business & Strategy eBay Fashion – Vineet Buch, Head of Shopping Search, Google.


With My Runway release 1.6.5 (just released to the app stores) users are able to:

  • Receive alerts when their Wish List items go on sale
  • See products on sale in one spot
  • Add friends easily with one tap
  • Collect points and win prozes faster by increasing their number of followers

My Runway 1.6.5

Fashion brands are able to:

  • Gain real-time consumer insights based on analysis of big data
  • Deliver an engaging, personalized experience
  • Become a responsive enterprise

Future plans for My Runway include an in-store mobile client solution that will allow sales associates to identify shoppers, what they previously bought, and what they want today. The team is also working on a Merchandising solution to correlate My Runway analytics with store sales data to provide new insights.

Meanwhile, we are enrolling more brands interested in co-innovating for new shopping and real-time data analysis capabilities. If you are interested in learning more about My Runway or co-Innovation program, click here.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about My Runway.

Finally if you missed HANA on the Runway, check out our photo gallery and a short video from our last event, or watch the entire livestream.

HANA will be visiting the San Francisco Art Institute next, participating on an exciting panel with America’s Next Top Model, Naima Mora, hope to see you there!