Participate in the Corporate Women’s Initiative Consortium Upcoming Events

It has been really exciting to act as the C0-Chair for the “Corporate Women’s Initiative Consortium”, (CWIC), a networking group of representatives from women in tech groups from various companies in Silicon Valley.

What a great way to kick off 2014, my employer, SAP was able to host our first event on March 11th. The Presentation by SAP’s Business Women Network was inspiring and fun!  SAP’s Silicon Valley Chapter was launched seven years ago; it was great to have insights from the original founding members as well as the new leaders. You may find a copy of our presentation here.

This was a special meeting for Cheri and I as it was our first meeting held as Chair and Co-Chair.

After the formal presentations and networking we had an amazing session on how can we keep women engaged in networking, and climb the leadership ladder? See attached pic of ideas discussed by one group.

I am looking forward to my year as Co-Chair with Cheri Leonard leading the way you as some of the most passionate women I have met in this journey.

For 2014, we have hosts for March and July; please let me know if your organization is interested in hosting in May, September or November.

2014 CWIC Lunch Dates:

  • May 8th: Charles Schwab, Menlo Park
  • July 10th: Applied Materials
  • September 11th: Lockheed Martin
  • November 13th: TBD


We’ve been storing files and information under our Yahoo Groups, the Yahoo Groups format has changed and isn’t as easy to use as it used to be so we wanted to propose using a LinkedIn Group moving forward. Please let us know if you would like this.

Upcoming Events of interest:

Women who don’t self promote are letting us down! April 3rd, A conversation with Maggie Fox, head of Integrated Digital Experience at SAP

Invent Your Future: April 22nd: professional women’s conference

PBWC: May 13th: professional women’s conference

Anita Borg Women of Vision Dinner: May 8th

Society of Women Engineers Conference, technical women’s conference:  in October and nearby in LA this year and they are currently taking submissions

Thrive: March 26th and 27

Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners: has openings available if your company would like to host, reach out to Sukrutha Raman Bhadouria <>

FountainBlue: When She Speaks: monthly lunch events

Networking with a Purpose: is a great cross corporation networking event with several of our members as organizers; we just missed one at Cisco and I’ll let you know when the next one is scheduled


As members of your organizations Women’s Network, we want to encourage conversation and event sharing across the other members of CWIC, however, we want to keep the topic friendly and focused and vendor free.  As CWIC members, you are welcome to share information about up coming events of interest and activities with this group.   The main goal of CWIC is information sharing and to be effective we need to have trust, therefore please help us all by keeping the CWIC member information private.   To help, please use a BCC strategy and start the subject with CWIC.

As you are meeting women from other Corporate Networks or women that want help to get one started, please feel free to educate them about CWIC and introduce them to Cheri and myself.

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback.

Thank you!


Leadership Ladder and Engagement. Ideas to motivate participation and growth!

Leadership Ladder and Engagement. Ideas to motivate participation and growth!