The Mistake we refuse to make!

Chef Koochooloo is barely off the ground and already we got invited to pitch on several occasions. As I listen to various Angels and VC’s express their enthusiasm and feedback for our mission, I notice many have reservations about our mission to raise awareness about worldwide causes.  As I listened to their arguments against this aspect of our curriculum, I knew it was time to decide what I really wanted for the future of Chef Koochooloo, and make sure the team is on the same page.

A big part of the success of any organization is to define clearly their vision and I have personally worked for too many great companies who begin to sink because they cannot figure out, or forget what they stand for.

I decided this was not going to be a mistake we can afford, so yesterday, I brought the team together to define our vision statement and ensure everyone who wants to be a member of the team truly believes in our ethos.

Cindy, Helena, Claudia, Elina and I gathered in a room as we Skyped Milos in and expressed our respective objectives for wanting to be involved with Chef Koochooloo.

Our brainstorming started with the question: What do we envision Chef Koochooloo to be in the future?

As each team member presented what they envision Chef Koochooloo to become in terms of growth, values and contribution to society, I could not feel more proud. The essence of our shared goals and values is summarized below:

Vision Statement:

Bring families together to discover the world through healthier lifestyles. In order to realize our vision, we will need a set of winning strategies. The mission statement serves as a compass that will keep us on track on our journey towards our goals.

In defining our mission, we focused on the classic questions:

  • What do we do?
  • Whom do we do it for?
  • How do we do it?
  • What value do we bring?

This exercise proved extremely helpful and we managed to define our mission as follows:

Chef Koochooloo Mission Statement:

Empower families and educators to engage in fun, interactive cooking activities, while learning about math, science and social responsibility.

We will:

–       Engage children in discovering countries through recipes and fun kid-relevant factoids.

–       Help parents safely involve kids in preparing a healthy meal while spending quality time together.

–       Raise awareness about current global issues.

With the “constitution” in place, the Chef Koochooloo team will start the journey towards making cooking and learning fun for both the Big and Little Chefs!

What do you think of our Vision and Mission Statements? Let us know what you think via comments!

The Chef Koochooloo Vision Statement and Team

The Chef Koochooloo Vision Statement and local Team

Milos Macura, Co-founder, Remote

Milos Macura