What are the Secret Ingredients to a Successful Fashion App?

Since I have started working on My Runway, SAP’s recently released fashion app, this has been a question I wanted to explore in debt, and I decided to include it as as part of my monthly thought-leadership meetings about Marketing: First Thursdays Silicon Valley.

SAP served as the official sponsor for this thought-provoking panel on fashion and technology, and the Art Institute of San Francisco graciously hosted us. This unique discussion engaged innovative and game-changing minds in fashion, business, media, and technology about how the definition of fashion is changing, and how brands leveraging technology to reach consumers are leading above others.

It felt really great that SAP embraced my ‘out of the box Marketing idea’ and it was a great opportunity to see SAP’s recently launched consumer engagement initiative, led by Kijoon Lee in action. The panel served to showcase how SAP and partner-built applications can work together to enable business to connect to consumers in powerful new ways.

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The panel explored diverse perspectives from Forbes contributor and “lifecaster” Sarah Austin, the winner of America’s Next Top Model, Naima Mora, SAP vice president and the visionary behind My Runway: Li Gong; author, entrepreneur and publisher/editor of Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle Stephanie Rahlfs; and Paul Friedland, Director of Marketing, Levi Strauss & Co.

Our discussion followed up by a Lifestyle Fashion show, organized by SAP’s Fashion Ambassadors and Miss Yolanda Wright, and an emotional book signing from Naima Mora. There were many up and coming young models from San Francisco and Oakland who attended the event and were highly inspired by her presence.

I was really honored to host Naima Mora, who flew to San Francisco exclusively for this event and go shopping with her before the event, allowing My Runway app to be our guide!  My favorite part of the evening was the intimate tea with our distinguished panelists, Naima, and the lovely Tracy Saville and Drisha Leggittas as well as one of our top Fashion Ambassadors, Cindy Ramirez, Global Head of Design and User Experience: Sam Yen, Global Product Lead, Brian Reaves, and Kijoon Lee (VP of Global Marketing and Innovation).

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Naima has been actively using My Runway since her visit, and you can interact directly with her via My Runway, her username is Naima Mora!

For those of you not yet familiar, My Runway is a great new (and free!) social shopping app that allows fashion enthusiasts to follow the brands they love, and get personalized updates on what’s new, what is trending, and what’s on sale.

SAP’s “My Runway” app uses real-time analytics to help fashion designers and retailers bring the latest trends to 100,000 consumers.

Here is a short videoabout the event, you can also watch the entire live streaming to hear all of the great insights.

Check out some of our amazing photos from the event, taken by SAP’s photographer: Allison Cheryl!


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