Belgium — According to My Four Year old!

This past spring, after I overheard my daughter Delarai tell her friends she is “French” (because we speak French in the house), I realized I had to spend more time teaching her about the world, her heritage, and the countries her father and I had lived in.

I had a difficult time explaining to her that she is not French (even though we want her to learn French) and that actually she is half Belgian. I decided teaching her about Belgium, her father’s country of birth, and discovered it was much easier for her to relate to Belgium through some of the recipes she loved. You can say this was one of the pivotal moments for the emergence of “Chef Koochooloo.”

This summer, we decided to dedicate a week at my husband’s birth country and after our trip, I asked Delarai what she loved most about Belgium. She listed the following (in order of preference!!)

1.Christine, Frederic and Emma!

People always make the difference on whether or not we like a place. Delarai loves spending time with my husband’s god-parents, and she specially enjoyed her trip to the Grand Place in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, where she saw the City Hall light up.


2.  Les balles qui brilles!

Delarai came up with her own name for the Atomium in Brussels: The World Expo of 1958 left behind a gigantic structure that shone in the spring sun in the shape of an atom, it is a replica of an iron crystal enlarged 165 billion times, and Delarai loved it much more than even the Eiffel Tower!



3. Les Gaufres

Need I say more? We have promised Chef Koochooloo to work on some amazing waffle recipes and post them here soon, though we are not sure we can ever compare to those delicious Gaufre de Liège or the Gaufre de Bruxelles!



4. The BIG Pink Watches!

Delarai loves the interchangeable Adna Watches designed by the talented Alain Denys (who resides in Waterloo, just a ten-minute away drive from where my husband’s family lives).  She was delighted when I told her the watches are now being sold in the US and she insisted we get the pink one for Daddy. I also got five other colors and we continue to have fun changing the bands depending on our activities and outfits.  We specially love using the watch during Chef Koochooloo cooking sessions.



5. Catching crabs with Papi in Knokke

Knokke, is the most North-Eastern seaside resort on the coast of Belgium. It lies adjacent to the Dutch border; separated from the Dutch territory by the Zwin nature reserve. Even though it was a shocker for us to get used to the cold weather in August, Delarai loved running around the beach in her sweater and catching crabs with Pappi and Mammi!


6. Cecemel: 

We loved discovering new beers while spending lazy afternoons in the windy beach front, and Delarai fell in love with Cecemel, the best chocolate milk she had ever tasted. Much to my embarrassment at Airport security, I realized she had hidden a bunch of  them in my handbag to take back with us. Sadly, I was not able to find this delicious and supposedly nutritious drink for her here in the US.