One more way to provide safety for your little bundles of joy!

Life plays funny tricks with you.  This year, I lost twins through an ectopic pregnancy for the second time around. Having experienced loss so many times in my life, I did not expect to be this paralyzed by the pain.  During the past five months, I grieved and tried to take in all of the well-meant, thoughtless comments, “Be glad they did not make it, can you imagine how hard it is to raise twins?” Or  “Could you have really kept three kids safe anyways?”  I watched four close friends, our neighbor, a first cousin, and my sister-in-law give birth to beautiful babies, and even organized two of the baby showers.

Excited for the arrival of each baby, I couldn’t help but imagine how nice it would have been for my babies to come to life and have so many immediate friends around them. One of the few things that does sooth the pain is when I am able to help new Moms make their babies more comfortable–it is as if my lost babies are encouraging me to ensure the safety of their ‘friends’.

That is perhaps why my husband and I signed up to buy the baby monitors for so many of these new arrivals. We couldn’t believe all the advancement in technology of baby-monitors since our daughter’s birth only four years ago.

While my husband played the role of a true engineer and read every product review out there you can imagine, at the end of the day he came to the same conclusion, and selected my top choice, iBaby.

I first discovered iBaby when I met with Karl Xu, the CEO and Founder of iBaby, a few blocks away form our house in Mountain View during a job interview. Through our unconventional discussion, he joined the pool of ‘well-intentioned’ comments when I mentioned my loss and asked, “Why do you need more than one child. One baby, good, no? Lots of work!!” I thought that was pretty funny coming from a man who made a living out of the sale of baby monitors.  Though speaking to Karl further, and realizing how obsessed he was with the safety of his family I understood why he thought the idea of more than one child could become overwhelming.

Karl showed me the product and I simply fell in love with it.  I told him using the iBaby monitor. is reason enough for a second child, to which he responded the iBaby is great for pets as well!

iBaby Monitor

iBaby Monitor

This sleek device enjoys a high intensity microphone and can let you have a look at your baby all the time, while picking up the smallest of sounds with ease.

I love the quality of the camera and how it rotates to get a complete 360 degree view. What I found super unique was that the application lets you tilt the camera up and down to get that perfect view.

My husband who has just become an uncle for the very first time is super excited about its ability to use the iOS as parent control and just bought the device for his niece in London as it enables multiples viewers to have a look at baby’s room. What better way to share a part of our niece’s life without actually being there?

The monitor allows you to add as many people as you like, but only four people can log in and view the camera at the same time. (This is to protect people from overloading the Internet bandwidth).

I know my daughter is excited to keep in touch with her cousin via this innovative piece, and I strongly suggest next time a special baby enters your life, protect their safety in as many ways as you can.


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