The people we are most grateful for this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving marks the perfect time to reflect and remember all of those kind individuals who have contributed to the progress of Chef Koochooloo.

As I read the Article, “The Five Thank You Notes Every Entrepreneur Should Write“ by Amy Morin, I followed her advice and would like to take a moment to thank all of the incredible people who have been supporting us in this adventure:

1. Thank someone who believed in you: Since I can remember, I had all types of ideas on doing things in novel ways–what I have always lacked, has been self confidence. My husband is a kind and supportive partner who truly believes in me. Last year we were lucky enough to host an entrepreneur from France, Stephan Bousseley in our house. While observing me in consulting to various startups and friends, he encouraged me to focus on my idea and launch my own startup. After discussing the idea of Chef Koochooloo, he reassured me that I had what it takes to make it happen and together with my husband, pushed me to move forward. They believed in me more than I believed in myself, and this was instrumental in helping me launch. So MERCI BEAUCOUP guys for believing in me!


2. Thank someone who inspired you. My five-year-old daughter, Delarai, was the main inspiration behind Chef Koochooloo. Without her wisdom, support and curiosity this project would have never come to life. Cindy Ramirez, who offered to focus on my idea for her Master’s Final Project, inspired me to take our ideas to the next level, and I could have never come this far without her. I also want to take a moment to thank Maria Sipka. There are not that many 30 -something year old Moms who are successful entrepreneurs in this Valley. So when I first met Maria at Mom 2.0 Summit and she told me she has a 2 year old, and pregnant with the next kid, and in the midst of launching her own company, I was definitely inspired!  Maria went on to be supportive in many other ways, she travelled for one hour to attend and share her entrepreneurship journey during one of my meetups, one week before her due date! I thought I was a hard working Mom, until I met Maria.



3. Thank someone who rejected you. I suppose I should thank my former employer, SAP for ending the projects I was hired to support! Working at SAP enabled me to learn more about launching Mobile Applications, and introduced me to so many amazing people who have been truly helpful in our progress. I also met my wonderful and amazingly talented cofounder, Milos Macura while working at the Apphaus. Without people like Karuna Mukherjea who offered me a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in her kitchen table while she literally drew the very first product spec on a napkin, Gita Kapur who volunteered her two amazing sons to build our original website, Adam Stein, Elliot Tarlin, Faheem Ahmed, Siva Sabarenam, Alex Hofman, Helena Jerney, for their feedback on our User Experience, and Amir Hossein Arabkheradmand who volunteered so many weekends towards our user research, and Rajiv Nima for acting in our video! Your support has meant the world. THANK YOU.


4. Thank someone who taught you. I am grateful for all of the times my friend Parham Akhavan spent with me, teaching me about entrepreneurship, valuable points that are not written in any books or blogs, insights learned only after launching your third startup J. I am also grateful for my former manager, Kijoon Lee who spent hours helping us shape our business plan, and my mentors, Brian Reaves, Carmen O’Shea, and Amit Sinha, who showcased exemplary leadership skills, and fueled my passion to thrive.

Photo 1- layla

5. Thank someone who supported you.  When I suggested my idea to Birgit Coleman during a play date, her first reaction was, “How Can I help?” and before I knew it, she had connected me to potential partners, invited me to the right events, and recruited her husband to represent me as an attorney. She truly took the word ‘support’ to a whole new level.

Whether Chef Koochooloo will make it or not, I know this much, we could not have come this far without all of the support our community and friends have provided.  I can no longer count the number of times Delaram Mirfakhraei, Azar and Bahman Hashemi babysat for us so we could attended strategic conferences. Nick Ivanitsky spent weeks providing direction to our creative team. Noushin Ivanitsky liked every single post on Facebook, Elina Karastathi, Baharan Behi, and Tulsi Gandhi provided their ongoing analytical insights. Claudia Almaral, Claudia Auxier, and Rosa Lara Fernandez shared their educational wisdom. Paj Studios, Cynthia Ferreyra and Noel Ian Tamayo donated beautiful artwork.


We are grateful for our upcoming classroom training sessions launch in the first week of December, and look forward to working with Julius Dobos, Anthony Dias, Andrew Long and Vilka Tzouras  for the next exciting chapters.

We like to invite all of our valuable community members to our community appreciation day on December 7th: