How we adopted a baby on the dawn of our Indiegogo launch!

One month ago, right before pressing the ‘launch’ button on our crowdfudning campaign on Indiegogo, I got a phone call we had waited for four years, a phone call we had given up on long ago,

“There is a newborn waiting for you at the San Francisco General Hospital”.

“A new born? We did not ask for a new born, we wanted a 3 year old boy, remember?” that was probably not an answer our social worker appreciated to hear, but I am not exactly known for my diplomacy.

With a growing number of infertility issues in the world, more people are interested in adopting newborns, and all I ever wanted to do was to help a child in need, somehow I felt I am not helping as much since newborns are considered such hot commodities. Besides, how realistic was it to launch a startup and to care for a newborn at the same time?

I asked our social worker if I could have some time to think about it, and she said, of course, call me back in 20 minutes with your decision!!

My husband was out of town, as I frantically tried to get him on the phone, I tried to remember what is the closest store where I could buy a car seat. My neighbor called to ask if I could watch her kids while she ran to the gym, and it felt unreal hearing myself say, “I am sorry Claire, but I am busy right now trying to prepare our house for a baby”.

Within an hour or two, Claire and Lisa my front door neighbor, showered me with baby clothes, a bassinet, bath, and yes a car seat. We set up the entire nursery in a few hours.

As I broke the news to Delarai, my five year old, upon picking her up from school, she started jumping up and down with joy, then said: “Mummy, mummy, you see I was a good girl and Santa finally brought me what I had really wanted for Christmas”.

My husband flew back immediately and the three of us drove to San Francisco to pick up the baby. During the one-hour drive my husband and I discussed our uncertainties: what did we really know about raising an African American child? Did we still remember how to feed a baby? How often do they wake up during the night? Will the baby be healthy? Should we give her a Farsi, French, or African American name? Will I need to quit my startup to be a good Mom? Is my Indiegogo campaign going to be a failure now that I won’t be able to dedicate all of my time to it? Will my in-laws be disappointed with another girl in the family?

Once in the hospital, we noticed the baby was placed under the critical care unit. As we followed the nurse, my body was trembling, especially after passing each baby connected to a life support systems. The short 5-minute walk seemed like an eternity until we finally reached the last crib in the room. As we walked towards the baby, she turned around and smiled at me!! Yes, a real smile. Now I know this does not sound logical or realistic, but there is no Dr. in the world that will convince me this was just reflex.

baby 1

As I held her in my arms, all of my doubts seemed so distant and far away. I looked at my husband and daughter who also had tears in their eyes, and I know the perfect line here would be to say, “Nothing else mattered”, but as I mentioned I am not diplomatic enough, so I will say the truth instead: “I felt a great love for her immediately as well as a mysterious strength assuring me that I could make sense of it all, and still launch my campaign.

That night we had fancy dinner plans with our friends, Noushin and Nick Ivanitsky and Merima and Alec Bicic.  as I called to cancell, they insisted we share this joyous affair with them and prepared us an unforgettable feast, while assuring us of their support in both parenthood and entrepreunership journey.

Both couples made generous contributions towards our campaign and showered us with gifts for the baby.  We are far away from our goal, but that is because much of our love and attention has been focused elsewhere these days.  Based on the amount of support friends and community have shown so far, we feel strongly that entrepreneurship and adoption can have a beautiful marriage!


We invite you to Check Out Our Campaign and show your support if you care about creating a more healthy and delicious lifestyle for all kids:

Thank you Claire Lee and Lisa Ly for all of your support with the adoption, and Noushin and NickMerima and Alic for your help with the launch! We would not have made it this far without you.