Summer Camp is the best way to excite your kids

As you may know, Chef Koochooloo is working with SAP on a program of corporate social responsibility that benefits the Foundation for College Education. FCE’s mission is to engage both students and parents in intensive, personalized programs that provide information and resources that encourage students to succeed in obtaining college education.

As part of this program, Chef Koochooloo will mentor kids ranging from middle to high school. The kids will participate in content development and provide input on history, geography, science and math concepts. This program runs through the summer and provides a way to keep kids engaged and involved. The kids benefit by developing a new skill for themselves as well as a sense of increased self-esteem.

Are you looking around for something that will engage and excite your kids this summer?  Besides Chef Koochooloo, Summer Camp Galileo is a place where kids can have fun while innovating and learning. This camp is not only convenient for parents, but also educationally engaging for kids. Summer Camp Galileo differs from the rest of the summer camps in two main areas: curriculum and their staff.

Galileo Camp

Summer Camp Galileo combines art, science, and outdoor activities around weekly themes.  This year, Camp Galileo has four fresh themes to incite innovation:

  •  Adventures Down Under
  • Galileo Road Trip
  • The Incredible Human Body
  • Leonardo’s Apprentice

I truly believe that Summer Camp Galileo is an extraordinary summer camp for any kid who has an appetite for adventure and innovation.

Use the code 2014INNOVATION when you sign up for Summer Camp Galileo for $30 off (limit one per camper, Camp Galileo and Galileo Summer Quest) Expires: July 13, 2014.  Also, I want to thank Galileo for their support to make this blog possible.

Awakening your children’s creative and innovative minds!

Last night, we held a special Focus Group for Chef Koochoolo. We had both kids and parents participate, it was a lot of fun, and I personally gained a lot of new insights about other parents’ dilemmas when it comes to their kid’s education.

Everyone talked about the challenge of keeping their kids engaged and learning at all times, especially over summer break, while finding time to put a healthy and delicious meal on the table.

Kids are naturally curious and creative. They’re into everything. But with time, and what parents shared as ‘bad schooling’, some of that natural spirit of exploration can get sucked out of them. Gradually, a fear of mistakes and their consequences can start to grow.

If innovation is important to you, give one of Chef Koochooloo recipes a try, venture out into Slovakia or Iran and teach them about geography and math at the same time.

Here some pictures of the event. And keep reading because there’s more!


If you foresee a busy summer and don’t think you’ll have much time for the kitchen, there are two camps I would strongly recommend for your kids, and my opinion is not formed because of Galileo’s support of this blog, but due to the foundation and philosophy behind their curriculum.

One of my good friends at work, Gita Kapoor has two amazingly talented boys who have created a unique engineering summer camp for children entering grades 6-8. The camp is designed to teach specific mechanical engineering principles using LEGO, and will also touch on autonomous robotics using NXT, including programming.  It will conclude with LEGO battlebot development and a battlebot tournament to which parents are invited.

If you know anyone entering grades 5-8 who loves LEGO and would enjoy learning more about mechanical engineering concepts please let them know about this unique one-week camp.  The camp will be located in Cupertino and runs from 9am-12:30pm.  Space is limited to six campers per session.  You can find more information and registration details here:

The kids will even give you a discount of $10, if you happen to mention my blog post ☺

Looking for a bigger discount? Then you might want to check out the promotion I have for you from Galileo.  Sign up by May 31 and save $30 per camper with code 2014INNOVATION. Also you can have a chance to win a free week of summer camp by signing up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Armed with an innovation process inspired by the Stanford d. school, Galileo instructors facilitate campers’ hands-on exploration of science, art and outdoor activities. Behind every activity, an idea. And a mindset—visionary, courageous, collaborative, determined, reflective.

CAMP GALILEO IS A PLACE WHERE FEAR GOES ON HOLIDAY. In its place grows a spirit of exploration and innovation. Every year, Galileo sees the experience fire campers’ imaginations and literally change their way of relating to learning.

• Nebulas: pre-K to K

• Stars: 1st and 2nd graders

• Supernovas: 3rd to 5th graders

I strongly believe, that all of the above options are AMAZING. And the by-products- kids with supreme confidence and a boldness of vision are what will eventually rock our world, so in preparation for your summer, do plan for fun engaging and innovative activities that your children can enjoy.